Where To Find Canadian News Today

In the current political climate, world news can quickly become overwhelming. However, staying informed is still important to being an active and engaged citizen. Here are some of the top Canadian News Today items from around the world. Afghanistan: The situation in Afghanistan continues to be at the forefront of international news. The Taliban has seized power and is now in control of the country. As a result, thousands of Afghans are seeking to flee the country due to fears of persecution, sparking a humanitarian crisis.

COVID-19: COVID-19 has continued its spread across the globe, with new variants emerging and vaccination rates varying by country. The Delta variant, which is highly infectious, has led to new outbreaks in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Climate Change: This year has seen an increase in extreme weather events, such as floods and wildfires. These events have been linked to climate change, and countries around the world are taking steps to address the issue.