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Authored by Rebecca Betterton Written by Auto Loans Reporter Rebecca Betterton is the auto loans reporter for Bankrate. She is a specialist in helping readers with the ways and pitfalls of borrowing money to buy cars. Edited by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor Rhys has been editing and writing for Bankrate since late 2021. They are committed to helping readers gain confidence to manage their finances through providing concise, well-studied information that breaks down otherwise complex topics into manageable bites. The Bankrate promises

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Expected cost

Oil change

Every 5,000 to 7,500 miles

From $35 to $75

Basic inspection

Every five miles

Between $150 and $250

Tire rotation

Every 5,000-8,000 miles

$24 to $100

Wiper replacement

Every six months

From $10 to $45

Brake pad replacement

Every 10,000 to 20,000 miles

From $115 to $300 to replace parts You will almost certainly require replacing some components in your car, whether due to wear and tear or larger issues. No matter the reason, the price tag for replacement depends on the component that will need replacing. Two of the most common elements that affect cost are vehicle type — luxury vehicles carrying more expensive parts- and the market cost. Consumers are also directly impacted by the rising cost from and the availability of car parts. Technicians rarely have additional batteries or transmissions, brakes or even brakes in stock and need to order them. The shortages have impacted repair times and there are long waiting periods for parts. The news reports from across the nation continue to cite delays in shipments of parts as well as Cars.com has reported ongoing shortages of inventory at mechanics and dealers. It is important to prepare for higher-than-normal replacement costs because of an increase in the cost of car parts. Similar to supply chain problems that have led to fewer vehicles available components, their availability has decreased also. Vehicle part


Costs to be expected

New tires

Every six years or 25,000 to 80,000 miles

Between $45 and $250 for each

Refilling the Air Filter (engine and cabin)

Every 15,000 to 30,000

35 to $80

Brake pad replacement

Every 10,000-20,000 miles

$115 to $370 Common delays have been reported for brake pads and batteries, as well as filters, and some tires. With fewer parts available you can expect to pay more- a from 2021, according to Michael Chung, market intelligence director at the Auto Care Association. Inflation has also been an issue in along with delays in the price of parts for vehicles has increased. Unexpected repairs Surprise costs are inevitable when you own a vehicle. This could be a sudden spill that causes a stain on inside your vehicle or more serious issues like an . Either way, it is crucial to have money for repairs that might not be expected to occur. AAA discovered that the majority of households can’t afford to pay a bill to cover an unplanned repair. While these costs are mostly out of your control however, you can avoid the stress of the worst-case scenario. It is also important to shop around and find repair shops that have an established reputation and fair rates. Contact your company and see what is covered before spending money on a repair. Here’s a list of typical repairs that can occur as well as the costs associated with them. Unexpected repair

Expected cost

Tire blow or flat

$10 to $250

Transmission issue

From $1,200 to $6,000

Damage caused by weather

$1,000 to $3,500

Minor collisions

From $50 to $3,000

Engine overheating

$100 to $1,500

Dead battery

From $45 to $350

Broken starter motor

$80 to $1,100 Cost by brand The price of a premium vehicle is greater than the cost of a basic vehicle. The maintenance that comes with it is more expensive also. Your warranty may even require you to take care of maintenance with a specific dealer even for things like oil changes and mileage check-ups. The dealership experience can be more expensive , but can provide the peace of mind of mechanics that specialize in your car’s make and model. While it might seem evident that mid- and high-end vehicles require high-end upkeep but this isn’t always the case. Take Dodge, for example. Although it’s a mid-tier model however, the cost of maintenance annually is close to what Mercedes customers have to pay. Consider the that comes with a car. It could be based on the number of times you need to bring it to the auto repair shop. But even regular costs -like gas will be more expensive when you opt for premium fuel. Study the average annual cost of various brands of vehicles to determine the price a car can cost you over the course of ownership. Vehicle brand

The cost of annual maintenance for a 10-year-old car




















$338 Cost by vehicle type The brand of the vehicle clearly influences the price of maintenance but the type of vehicle is also a large determining factor. Below is the cost of ownership for a car for five years or 75,000 miles. AAA discovered this figure by calculating depreciation, finance and insurance, fuel, license, registration, taxes, maintenance, repairs and tires. The lowest cost for maintenance of vehicles is electric vehicles. However, the half-ton pickups are the most costly to maintain. Vehicle type

Per mile cost in Cents

Small sedan


Medium sedan


Subcompact SUV


Compact SUV


Medium SUV


Midsize pickup


Half-ton pickup





61.96 According to these figures that maintenance for vehicles is based on several factors which means there isn’t a perfect recipe for finding an inexpensive car. A smaller car is more likely to cost less. Electric vehicles are increasingly readily available on the market and could be a great alternative for people looking for lower maintenance costs. The bottom line Maintenance is a necessary part of vehicle ownership. If you know the cost of maintenance you can budget accurately for routine maintenance as well as unexpected repairs. Find out about mechanics and refer to your owner’s manual to confirm you are following the specific needs of your vehicle.


The article was written by Auto Loans Reporter Rebecca Betterton is the auto loans reporter for Bankrate. She is a specialist in helping readers with the ins and outs of securely borrowing money to buy a car. Written by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor Rhys has been writing and editing for Bankrate since the end of 2021. They are dedicated to helping their readers gain the confidence to manage their finances through providing concise, well-researched, and well-understood information that breaks down complicated topics into digestible pieces.

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